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CD "Dream Suite" Original Piano excursions by Tom Baptist (aka Tune Maker Tom). 
A collection of 6 solo piano pieces recorded as a stream of consciousness
rendering perfect for relaxation, meditation or background contemplation.
"Piano Dream"
"And so I Drift Away"
"A Walk on the Wind"
"Lost on the Moon"
"Pondering a Point"

Dream Suite

Original piano excursions† to soothe the mind and raise the spirit. Great background music perfect for relaxation, meditation or concentrating.

CD "Shut Up and Play" Original instrumental compositionswritten and performed by Tom Baptist (aka Tune Maker Tom)

Shut up and Play!



CD Sun Goddess V's "Island Astrology Music 1" Original steele drum melodies composed and performed by Tom Baptist (aka Tune Maker Tom) in colaboration with Sun Goddess V. Twelve love mood instrumental compositions keyed to each of the 12 Sun Signs. Also includes a written suppliment "Astrological Love Secrets"-by Sun Goddess V. Encapsulated inside love secrets of the Sun Sign personalities.

Island Astrology Music 1

Original tropical Island steel drum rhythms to stimulate the love vibes of each astrological sun sign. Dift away on these island melodies as you read the love secrets of each sign

expressed in the revealing writing

of Sun Goddess V .



Calypso Encounter

02 (Taurus)

Lite Reggae Groove

03 (Gemini)

Reggae Double Dance

04 (Cancer)

Moonlight Mambo


Sexy Salsa

06 (Virgo)

Midnight Meringue

07 (Libra)

Menuto Merge

08 (Scorpio)

Macarena Magic

09 (Sagittarius)

Tiki Tiki

10 (Capricorn)

Lambada for Lovers

11 (Aquarius)

Sexual Samba

12 (Pisces)

Body Bossa Nova

Full song titles

CD "Here's the News, It's the Blues" Blues Cd of original compositions written and performed by Tom Baptist (aka Tune Maker Tom)

Hereís the News,

Itís the Blues

Kick back and enjoy this collection of original blues tunes or get up and dance your blues away. Tomís mellow and distinctive vocals will transport you to a happier place and may put a smile on your face.


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